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About TapTunes™

Hello Music Lovers,

My name is Gino Gavoni, and I am the creator of TapTunes™ Music Cards. As a songwriter/producer/artist, I was looking for a way to distribute my music the way I wanted and receive fair compensation. Since vinyl records, tape media, and CDs have gone the course of the dinosaur, streaming is the only way to get your music out there today.

Unfortunately, as many have experienced, most streaming services offer little to no marketing assistance, and the financial compensation is genuinely embarrassing. The other thing I found missing was the physical aspect of holding and collecting a tangible item that represents the music that I love. Of course, the digital age has made virtuality a reality, but there is still something about displaying and sharing your favorite album covers.

For all the reasons above, I came up with TapTunes™ Music Cards, the newest way to distribute and share music while utilizing all of today's technology. When tapped or scanned by almost any cell phone on the planet, albums of beautiful songs can be instantly played for the listener's enjoyment. Plus, you get that warm and fuzzy feeling from holding the artist's TapTunes™ Music Card in your hand, creating a symbiotic connection with the artist.

Artists can now control the distribution of their music while music fans can directly contribute to the support of their favorite artists.

TapTunes™ Features

  • Great looking full-color NFC embedded music card with scannable QR code for older phones.

  • No app is needed; it works with any phone.

  • Listeners can listen on multiple devices or download and save songs.

  • A TapTunes™ music card is the same size as a standard credit card and can be taken anywhere.

  • A TapTunes™ music card is competitively priced versus downloads or subscriptions.

  • Artists reach more fans and receive more significant compensation.

Your support

When you purchase a TapTunes™ album, you directly support the Artist that created the original music in the most significant way possible.


Unlike typical record labels, Artists receive the most considerable portion of the profits from selling their music and retain 100% of the publishing.


Artists are in control of the music they want to release.

Keep original music alive and shop TapTunes™ Artists today.

Test out the TapTunes™ music player

Scan the QR code to check out the TapTunes™ music player for yourself.

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