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TapTunes™ FAQ

  • What is TapTunes™ ?
    TapTunes™ is an artist-friendly music distribution company that produces albums and other releases on NFC-embedded music cards.
  • How do TapTunes™ Music Cards work?
    TapTunes™ music cards display on our patent pending audio player in your browser, where you can listen to the artist's release when tapped on most newer cellphones or scanned on older phones.
  • Do I need to download an App?
    No, TapTunes™ music cards work on almost every cell phone.
  • How many times can I play a TapTunes™ album?
    Unlimited, enjoy your favorite tunes whenever and as often as you like.
  • Can listeners download and save songs?
    Great question, and yes, songs can be downloaded and saved for future listening.
  • Where can I purchase TapTunes™ tap music cards?
    TapTunes™ artist releases are available for purchase at, or many of the artists sell them at their shows or on their website.
  • I'm an artist and would like to know how to release my music on TapTunes™ Record Label?
    We welcome and encourage new artist submissions, learn more here.
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