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TapTunes Artist Details

Thank you for your interest in TapTunes.

We know you've worked hard on crafting your music; that's why we created TapTunes with the artist in mind. Our goal is to develop a healthy community of independent original music artists who can revolutionize the music industry. Our platform addresses the need for an artist to get paid for their work while providing fans with tangible products they can hold in their hand.

How It works

  • Submit an original song
    If you're here, you already did this, and we are reviewing your submission now.


  • Check your email for an invitation to join TapTunes
    You should get an email with a unique invitation code in the next few minutes. Click on the link and follow the instructions. It only takes a few minutes, and your TapTunes account is activated.


  • Create your first album release
    We have made it very easy for you to upload your original music and artwork via Dropbox. Then, let TapTunes take over, and in a short time, you will receive art proofs of your album. Once approved, your new release will be available online at, and your songs will be live in our sync license database.


  • Sales and getting paid
    Once we have your Tap Cards printed and available for sale on our secure website, you start earning commissions and royalties. Sales are tallied at the end of each month, and payments are made to Artists by the 15th of the following month. Artists receive: You can select ACH, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle for payments. Artist is responsible for all Federal, State and Local tax requirements.

    35% of the gross sale commission from sales made at
    A mechanical royalty of 10 cents per song per album sold
    100% of sales made from Artist wholesale purchases


  • Sync Licensing
    The most appealing thing about TapTunes is our relations with hundreds of global brands that use music in their brand promotions. So your music has the potential to earn thousands of dollars while being promoted worldwide on emerging artist compilations.

  • Sell on Amazon
    Artists can sell their EPs and Albums on the TapTunes Amazon store.


  • ReverbNation
    All TapTunes artists automatically get listed on our ReverbNation Premium Label channel, where individuals can preview song selections.


  • Signing Bonus
    As a new Artist, TapTunes will send you at no cost a bonus signing package including several tap records to get you started. And an exclusive TapTunes Artist plaque for display in your studio or office, along with a few other goodies.

Stay Tunes

An A&R representative will be in touch soon.

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