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Eddie Appnel

Eddie Appnel

Eddie Appnel is an award winning singer/songwriter and founding member of NEPA's indie rockers Mere Mortals. The band toured the country throughout the 90s and early 2000s, enjoying strong airplay and sharing the stage with the likes of Eddie Money, Joe Walsh, Blue Oyster Cult, The Romantics, Julian Lennon, Loverboy, The Badlees and many other greats. In 2006, Appnel embarked on a solo career and became a staff writer for Banner Music of Nashville. The songs listed here include his 2013 solo record In The Aftermath, as well as several singles that have been released since then. He currently performs over 200 shows per year, and his band Mere Mortals is now reunited, in anticipation of the 25th anniversary of their critically acclaimed album Mondegreen Dream.

In The Aftermath
00:00 / 03:11
Shame On My Heart
00:00 / 03:38
Killing Kind of Drug
00:00 / 03:18
Two For The Road
00:00 / 03:02
Maybe Nevermind
00:00 / 02:44
00:00 / 03:23
00:00 / 04:23
Oh Makita
00:00 / 03:18
No Other Baby
00:00 / 03:48
Break Through Discovery
00:00 / 03:27
Just A Truck
00:00 / 03:24
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Eddie Appnel - In The Aftermath

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