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Sell Your Albums on TapTunes

Before free music streaming, when a group of Utopian seeking disrupters devalued music as an art form, musicians made money selling albums. Then, radio and MTV played music for free, but fans still wanted a physical connection with their favorite artists and bought vinyl records, cassette tapes, and CDs. Turntables, tape decks, and CD players are things of the past, but everyone has a cell phone. TapTunes turns cell phones into interactive record players where users tap the album card on their phone to listen to their favorite albums.

If you are an original music artist with an existing streaming media presence and find that the financial compensation is dismal, TapTunes wants to help you. To learn more about TapTunes, submit one original song below.


Before submitting, we recommend downloading the Artist Development Package below.

I'm very interested in signing up with TapTunes and selling my albums across the globe. Here's my info:

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