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Nobody grinds out country rap like 6B.Low, his passion for music is evident as he interweaves stories of high points in his life, along with life, sometimes on the rails. 6B.Low's brilliantly produced raspy rock voice over modern beats on this catchy song collection is highly listenable. So, get your boots on and ready to "kick it" down-home style.

Friday Night
00:00 / 02:28
Jacked Up
00:00 / 03:18
Buckwild MF
00:00 / 02:35
Lost Soul
00:00 / 02:54
This Road
00:00 / 03:31
Creek Bank
00:00 / 02:38
Losin' My Mind
00:00 / 02:59
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6B.Low - Whole Lotta Fire

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